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Corporate Travel
Elite is proud to have 95 % of its business with corporate clients. We work with business requirements from small, medium and large enterprises.
Airport Transfer
Servicing major airport with fixed prices. All inclusive flat rates to/from city downtime. Providing various reservation options to suit your needs.
Personal Account
Travel with style and comfort for your and your family rides. Your charge account will be billed to your credit card for worry-free settlement.


Description App based companies Elite Limousine Plus
Booking a Ride   
Travel Apps

Reservation option is limited to only Mobile Apps. No Live agents or email services.

Elite Limousine Plus

Mobile Apps, Website, Live agents, Email

Mobile Apps Mobile Apps, Website, Live agents, Email
Payment Options   
Travel Apps

Payment options are limited to only credit cards.

Elite Limousine

We offer a variety of payment options. Account based Direct Billed - We accept credit cards, checks, debit cards, ACH and Bank transfers. Option to pay with a digital wallet will be available soon.

Credit Card Credit Card, Checks, ACH, Bank transfer
Surge pricing   
Travel Apps

Prices may surge up to 4-5x the regular prices, whenever they feel like it. You have to pay a lot more during special events or holidays.

Elite Limousine

NEVER any surge. Since all our business is with our repeat clients, our prices remain the same 365 days a year. We consider it unethical to raise prices on our valued customers when they need us the most - at a busy time or around a major event. Our prices remain flat throughout the year no matter what's happening in the city or if the travel demand is less or more.

Up to 5-6x No Surge ever
Time based prices   
Travel Apps

Yes. You pay more when a ride takes longer due to traffic conditions.


There is no extra charge for additional time it takes to get to your destination. Prices remain the same with or without traffic conditions.

Company owned vehicles   
Travel Apps

Zero company owned cars.

Elite Limousine

All of our vehicles are either company owned or owned by our franchises. These vehicles are professionally maintained, regularly serviced and kept in a pristine condition. We also provide specialty vehicles like, Mercedes Benz 360, Sprinters and Luxury Coach Buses.

Company or Franchise owned
Vehicle Inspections   
Travel Apps

There is no policy for company inspsections.

Elite Limousine

We regularly inpsect all vehicles to ensure that each vehicle is comfortable and safe. We also do random inpections on the road to make sure that vehicles are clean inside and out.

Driver Eligibility   
Travel Apps

No special requirements. Anyone can join even as part time and start driving. No experiance or qualification necessary.

Elite Limousine

We do a rigorous background check, check their previous driving history, check DMV records and hire only qualified professionals with experience. After hiring each driver goes through company training to make sure that all of our drivers follow strict protocols.

No special requirements Strict standards
Driver Professionalism   
Travel Apps

Drivers usually pickup non-corporate clients. Since the probability of picking the same customer again is quite low, they are less bothered about the passengers and don't pay attention to customer service.

Elite Limousine Plus

Our drivers are friendly, polite and courteous. Since our drivers mostly serve corporate customers they know how to treat the passengers in a professional manner and they pay special attention to customer satisfaction because of the large number of repeat customers.

Low High
Airport pickup options   
Airport Pickup Options

There are no special options available. Everyone waits outside the terminal and follow standard practice for pickups.

Elite Limousine

Elite offers various airport pickup options. Our driver can pick you up from inside the terminal by baggage claim, help you with your luggage and can escort you to the car. Please review details for all of our pickup options and policies.

Standard Various Options
Automated Flight Check   
Travel Apps

No option if your flight is late.

Elite Limousine

We understand that flights get delayed all the time so we re-confinrm your flight arrival time periodically to ensure that drivers get to the terminal based upon flight arrival time.

Our Fleet

Motor Coach
Mini Bus

Elite features to ensure that your every trip is comfortable

  • Full line of vehicles
  • Live agents
  • On-time arrival
  • Safety
    and Security
  • Flat prices
    (Never Surge)
  • Professional

Elite's on Time Guarantee

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