Service Rates

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Additional Stops

Review our comprehensive list of additional stop rates, categorized by location and dispatch zones. This breakdown helps you plan and budget for stops within Manhattan, boroughs, and trips to Staten Island and New Jersey efficiently.

Rates Information
Additional stops in Manhattan (east to east or west to west) $20.00
Additional stops in Manhattan (east to west or west to east) $30.00
Additional stops in Boroughs (if same dispatch zone) $150.00
Additional stops in Boroughs if different dispatch zone (if on the way) Full & 1/2
From 101 to NJ (south) w/stop in Staten Island Add $50.00
From all other zones in manhattan to NJ (south) with stop in Staten Island Add $50.00
All other stops (Unusual trips will be priced by the base) Full & Full

Waiting Times Rates

The following rates for waiting times and time calls are categorized by location, ensuring clear billing for waiting periods and time calls to assist in planning and budgeting effectively for your transportation needs.

Waiting Times / Times Calls
Waiting Time (waiting time will be verified by GPS system) $90.00 per hour
Time calls in City $125.00 per hour
Time calls in the Boroughs $125.00 per hour
Time calls Out of Town $150.00 per hour

Packages Rates

Below are our rates for packages, categorized by location and additional stops.

All packages in City $15.00 plus full fare
All packages Out of Town $15.00 plus full fare
Additional package stops in Boroughs + Stop price $10.00
Additional package stops in City + Stop price $10.00

Miscellaneous Rates

Below are the miscellaneous rates for additional services and charges, ensuring full transparency for any extra costs you may encounter during your journey. This detailed information helps you plan and budget with confidence.

Rates Information
All Tolls for all rides are additional
All Tolls will be charged in Roundup EZ Pass Rate