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The XYZ Invoicing System automates critical business functions and enables immediate analysis of critical financial and business metrics, making your reporting system more efficient and effective This integrated system provides the entire business cycle facilitated from payment fees to voucher verification and comprehensive inspection services

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Efficient electronic payment solutions

XYZ Car leads the way with advanced electronic payment solutions designed for account managers. Our eBill system ensures we manage a seamless billing process, and allows managers to access timely information, securely download invoices, process payments electronically, and receive them a complete report on its use

Special Features:

  • Receive weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly billing information via email.
  • Safely download invoices with a unique, temporary link.
  • Easily access historical invoices through our secure portal.
  • Select PDF format or download invoice data to CSV for integration with accounting software.

For customized billing needs, XYZ Car offers a tailored solution where billing data can be formatted into CSV “billing disks” for easy integration with various accounting systems This eliminates manual labor processing invoices from there, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

All account managers automatically subscribe to eBill. For certification or assistance, please contact our customer service at